Encounter Christ

Welcome to St. Michael Religious Education.  It is our privilege to walk with you on your family’s faith journey.  We hope to encounter Jesus Christ together.  As our partner in forming faith, parents have a special role in training their children to become disciples.  This is a lifelong process that parents begin with their child’s Baptism.  Ongoing faith formation is crucial.  It is important for children and young people especially, to get together with others at their age level to learn about and encounter Jesus Christ; to have a sense of belonging.  We offer faith formation to children in Kindergarten through eighth grade.  We offer the opportunity to children to know, love and serve God.  Formation includes preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation.


Families Sharing Faith

Families with children in grades K through 8 attend monthly.  Each meeting includes Bible stories, family activities, faith sharing at age appropriate levels for children and adults.  Adults explore the same topics that the children are learning so that they equipped to pass the theme along to them at home until the next month.  This is a great choice for families who need flexibility.


Grade level groups meet two or three times each month with catechists.  They are formed in faith through stories, discussions and activities.  We encourage open communication between parents and catechists that includes updates on faith sharing and invites parents to seasonal programming.



Sacramental Preparation

Sacraments are received and prepared in the parish.  Children who are in Religious Education, Saint Michael School or Home Schooled  prepare and receive the sacraments together.

First Reconciliation

Preparation is held in one session for children and their parents.  This year, the preparation is on Tuesday, January 17th.

The Sacrament of First Reconciliation will be on Tuesday, January 24th and Friday, February 3rd.  All children and their families are welcome.

First Eucharist

Children are prepared to receive Jesus through a Retreat that parents and family attend with them and through instruction in their Religious Education sessions.  Emphasis is placed on receiving Jesus in the Real Presence of the Eucharist and becoming the Body of Christ in the world around them.  The Retreats are on Sunday, February 12th and Saturday, March 4th.  Typically, children receive First Eucharist in Grade 2.  We do have some exceptions each year that we are happy to accommodate.  Please call our office if your child is older and wants to receive First Eucharist.


The Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated in Grade 8.  Young people are prepared in Grades 7 & 8.  Emphasis is placed on learning to be disciples in the world.  Service learning opportunities and a retreat (October 20th) are included.

Contact Us

Robbie Anderson, Director    at (708) 873-4633   or

Martha Peña, Admin Assistant  at (708) 873-4631 or

Office Hours:  Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. from 11 am until 5 pm or by appointment


Arrival and Dismissal

Accurate attendance records are kept and reviewed regularly. Please call the office at (708) 873-4631 if your child will be absent.  You may ask for the lesson your child missed and it can be sent to you on line.

Early Dismissal

If a student must leave class prior to regular dismissal, the parents or guardians must submit a written request to the office. For safety reasons, children are to be picked up in the Religious Education Office ONLY. Parents may be asked for identification.

Rights and Responsibilities

Parents and students are asked to accept the philosophy, goals, and objectives and to support the expectations of the program.

For Parents

In an effort to keep parents involved and active in their child’s Religious Education, a calendar is sent home the first session of the year. This calendar will list the dates and chapters that will be covered each week. We ask that you look over the chapter with your child prior to their session and follow up when the session is completed. Please look through your child’s Religious Education folder after every session to see any work completed or important informational handouts.


As parents you are the primary educators of your children. What is witnessed and lived in the home is supported by the Religious Education Program. In the National Directory of Catechesis published by the United States Catholic Bishops, it states: “It is our privilege and our responsibility to preserve the words of Christ and to teach future generations of believers to carry out all that Christ commanded his apostles.” (page 87, National Directory of Catechesis)

For Students

Good conduct, cooperation, attention and courtesy are expected during every class session or event. All students are expected to worship with the Parish Community at Sunday Liturgy each week.


On line Registration is available by clicking the links below.  Your registration is complete only after all forms are complete and tuition payment is submitted.  We ask that families who are new to our Religious Education Program come into our office or call to register your child(ren). Verification of registration and session/classroom assignments will be e-mailed by the end of August. Requests for session/classroom changes will be honored until September 1st.              Space available is based on first come first served. 

Tuition Prices

  • One Child $260.00
  • Two Children$370.00
  • Three or more Children $480.00

Additional Fees

  • Eucharist/Reconciliation Fee $50.00
  •  Confirmation/Retreat Fee$75.00
  • Bible Fee $25.00

Religious Education Tuition Policy

In the best interest of each child, we do not wish to exclude anyone from participation in the program. However, in order to maintain the quality of our program, each family must assume their fair share of the financial burden. Full payment is required at the time of registration. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact Lisa in the Business Office at (708) 873-4622 to make special arrangements.

VIew Policy


St. Michael Parish is a gathering of Catholic people who believe in God's love for us, manifested by His Son Jesus. We commit ourselves to live an invitation of the Lord and struggle through fulfilling His mission here on earth.

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