Religious Education

Gaining a deeper relationship with our God.

Welcome to the St. Michael Religious Education.  It is an honor to serve your family through this ministry. We hope the time spent in religious formation enhances the faith growth of our children and brings them into a deeper relationship with our God.


We offer religious education and spiritual formation to all children in grade levels one through eight, and prepare them for the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. As partners with you in the religious education of your child/children, we hope that you will register yearly in our program. It is important that formation be ongoing.

  • Parents are encouraged to enrich their faith by attending opportunities for prayer and spiritual formation designed for adults.
  • Catechists and Substitute Catechists are needed to carry out our mission. To volunteer or for more information, please call Robbie Anderson
  • All volunteers must complete VIRTUS training.
  • Hours: Monday thru Friday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm September thru May.
  • Contact Info:  
    • Robbie Anderson, Director (708) 873-4633, randerson@saintmike.com
    • Martha Pena, Administrative Assistant  (708) 873-4631, mpena@saintmike.com

Families Sharing Faith

  • Sundays (Grades K-8)     10:15 am to 11:45 am


  • Mondays (Grades 6 – 8)    6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

  • Tuesdays (Grades K – 8)     5:30 pm to 7 pm

  • Saturdays (Grades K-5)     9 am to 10:30 am

Sacramental Preparation

At St. Michael Parish, children in the Religious Education Program and St. Michael School prepare to receive the Sacraments together.  Preparation includes formation with the RE sessions continual conversations at home about what they are learning, and family meetings.  Reception of First Eucharist or Confirmation for children in grades 2 and 8 requires two years of program involvement.


God is our Creator and loves us as our Father. Jesus came to tell us about God. We know Jesus through personal prayer and by worshiping God together, especially in the Eucharist. We can thank Jesus for the gift of Himself,, caring for one another, and caring for the world.

God loves each of us and we are called to act on God’s love for us by loving one another, by living as Jesus wants us to live. As we prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, we give special attention to examination of conscience, how to make a good confession and the importance of preparation to receive Jesus Christ in Holy Communion.

God creates us good and calls us to live in community. We emphasize the role of Jesus calling us to a new way of life – what it means to be a faithful follower of Jesus and how close Jesus wants us to be with our Father. We learn how each of the sacraments deepens our relationship with God.

God calls us to live a moral life. He revealed the Ten Commandments to provide us with the parameters to live a life for God and others. Jesus taught us the Beatitudes and their relationship to living a Christian life. We give special attention to Sacraments of Healing as part of the moral dimension of our faith.

Strengthened in sacramental life of the Church, we are better able to live like Jesus in making choices for God and others. We enter into a new way of life when we celebrate the Sacraments of initiation. Through the sacraments we live more fully in the Holy Spirit as members of the Church, united in diversity under the magisterium.

Families come together and not only are the children studing in classrooms, but at the same time parents are participating.  They are exploring these same concepts through adult presentations and discussions. Families work on the unit theme throughout the month at home.

The Junior High Program is a youth ministry based model. It provides a systematic and comprehensive catechesis for junior high youth, while providing interactive opportunities for evangelization and transformation. The program will cover topics in the following areas: Scripture, Creed, Church, Sacraments, Prayer and Social Justice. Catholic Morality will also be addressed throughout the year. Each night will include the components of Gather (community building and prayer),Proclaim (topic presented), Break (small group time with a Catechist), and Send (wrap-up and prayer). The Junior High Program will provide Confirmation Preparation for Grades 7 and 8.


Arrival and Dismissal

Accurate attendance records are kept and reviewed regularly. Please call the office at (708) 349-0769 if your child will be absent.

Download the current information on procedure for arrival and dismissal for Elementary Students (Grades 1-5) and Junior High (Grade 6-8).

Early Dismissal

If a student must leave class prior to regular dismissal, the parents or guardians must submit a written request to the office. For safety reasons, children are to be picked up in the Religious Education Office ONLY. Parents may be asked for identification.

Rights and Responsibilities

Parents and students are asked to accept the philosophy, goals, and objectives and to support the expectations of the program.

For Parents

In an effort to keep parents involved and active in their child’s Religious Education, a calendar is sent home the first session of the year. This calendar will list the dates and chapters that will be covered each week. We ask that you look over the chapter with your child prior to their session and follow up when the session is completed. Please look through your child’s Religious Education folder after every session to see any work completed or important informational handouts.


As parents you are the primary educators of your children. What is witnessed and lived in the home is supported by the Religious Education Program. In the National Directory of Catechesis published by the United States Catholic Bishops, it states: “It is our privilege and our responsibility to preserve the words of Christ and to teach future generations of believers to carry out all that Christ commanded his apostles.” (page 87, National Directory of Catechesis)

For Students

Good conduct, cooperation, attention and courtesy are expected during every class session or event. All students are expected to worship with the Parish Community at Sunday Liturgy each week.

Tuition & Fees

We ask that families who are new to our Religious Education Program come into our office to register your child(ren). Verification of registration and session/classroom assignments will be e-mailed by the end of August each  year. Requests for session/classroom changes will be honored until September 1st. Space available is based on first come first served. 


Voluntary, tax deductible, additional donations to our program are welcome. These support families experiencing financial hardship.


NOTE: All registered students must complete Emergency Information & Picture Release Form. This can be completed online, printed and mailed to the Religious Education Office or emailed to randerson@saintmike.com. Your registration is not complete until this form is received.

Tuition Prices

  • One Child $260.00
  • Two Children$370.00
  • Three or more Children $480.00

NOTE: Price includes all materials.

Additional Fees

  • Eucharist/Reconciliation Fee $50.00
  • Confirmation/Retreat Fee$75.00

NOTE: Confirmation/Retreat fee includes retreat and robe.

Religious Education Tuition Policy

In the best interest of each child, we do not wish to exclude anyone from participation in the program. However, in order to maintain the quality of our program, each family must assume their fair share of the financial burden. Full payment is required at the time of registration. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact Lisa in the Business Office at (708) 873-4622 to make special arrangements.

VIew Policy


St. Michael Parish is a gathering of Catholic people who believe in God's love for us, manifested by His Son Jesus. We commit ourselves to live an invitation of the Lord and struggle through fulfilling His mission here on earth.

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