Providing financial support to the church.

Our goal is to analyze and understand parish financial information in order to provide a well-balanced recommendation on financial issues to the pastor.

The St. Michael Finance Council was formed to advise the pastor on all financial matters of the parish, including church, school and religious education.


The council members meet on a regular basis to review financial statement year-to-date progress, provide guidance on budgeting for the following fiscal year and make recommendations as appropriate to the pastor regarding financial expenditures and long range planning.

About the Members

All members of the Finance Council serve for a minimum 3-year term. If you are interested in serving on the Finance Council, please contact Fr. Paul Burak or any member of the Parish Finance Board. In order to serve as a member you must be a parishioner and over 18 years old. All appointments to the Parish Finance Board are made by the pastor.

Council Members

  • Fr. Paul Burak
  • Larry Kosteck
  • Amparo Gutierrez

Ongoing and Upcoming Events

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