Annual Catholic Appeal

Archdiocesan Campaign

“Come, Follow Me… and share the Word.”

This year’s theme for the 2019 Annual Catholic Appeal is “Come, Follow Me… and share the Word.” Please spend some time reflecting on the Annual Catholic Appeal. The Annual Catholic Appeal is much different than a one-time special collection. It is a pledged campaign commitment where you can make a gift payable in installments. A pledge is a promise to make a gift over a span of time.

Each pledge make a difference because all parishes participate in the campaign and the gifts of many enable our Archdiocese to deliver needed ministries and services to answer Jesus’ call to “Come, Follow Me… and share the Word.”

Once we reach our parish goal in paid pledges, 100% of any additional funds come back to our parish to help fund our needs. Last year St. Michael received over $25,000 from the Annual Catholic Appeal, funds will be used to restore or replace the communion vessels used at Mass. Some are dented, some of the finish has worn off and they are in bad shape. In this way, the funds received back will benefit the entire parish.

If you received your pledge form in the mail, please complete it and bring to Mass with you the weekend of February 23 and February 24. For those of you who did not receive a mailing or have not had time to respond, we will conduct our in-pew pledge process at all Masses that weekend. The in-pew pledge process will occur at every parish in the Archdiocese.

I will never ask you to do something that I myself am unwilling to do. I will make a pledge to the 2019 Annual Catholic Appeal, as I believe it helps all people in the Archdiocese of Chicago – especially those who are not as fortunate as we are.

Fr. Frank Pastor of St. Michael Parish

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