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Religious Education Faith Formation

Welcome to St. Michael’s Parish Religious Education Program, a peace filled and joyful journey of faith formation with child, parent, and catechist being led by Jesus.  We are honored to join your family’s faith journey, one that began with your child’s baptism, and to assist parents as they guide their children in our Catholic faith.  Together all of us grow in love and develop our relationship with God, gaining an increased understanding of our Catholic faith.  We begin and end each class, grades K through 8, as a family of God in prayer and focus on community, prayer, scripture, tradition, church, history, service, and family.


Can your family give a family hope? Can your family help a child and family with their faith formation? Can your family help to support a struggling family to start or continue with their child’s faith formation, to help them feel that there is hope?

Give a certain dollar amount toward a child’s Religious Education fees. Be a “Faith Formation Angel” by clicking the button below and paying the year’s Religious Education fee for a child or family in need. You can also turn your contribution in to the Parish Office in an envelope marked “My Gift to a Religious Education Family”.


Communication and connection with the children and parents is vital to our children and families’ faith formation.  The Coordinator of Religious Education greets every child with joy and compassion upon arrival to class and checks in and/or visits every class regularly.  The coordinator sends a weekly or biweekly email to families with prayer, focus on faith, listening for the call of the Holy Spirit, attention to masses, and updates and information about our Religious Education classes, service opportunities, and invitations to happenings and events in our parish.   The coordinator includes a “Good News from Religious Education” page in the parish bulletin at least once each month.

Programs (Classes begin in September and end in April)

Families Sharing Faith (FSF)

Children in grades K through 8 together with their parents attend one Sunday each month.  (Children ages 1 to 4 years are also welcome to come with their family.)  We all begin as a community with parents and children praying together, sharing hospitality, and learning about the theme for the month.   Then for an hour all children go to a grade level class with a catechist for their lesson, including the 1 to 4 year olds, while parents stay for a lesson and discussion with the Parent Group Leader.  The last 20 minutes of class we all come back together for final thoughts and closing Family Prayer.  Parents leave the class with a clear guideline and organized materials of what they should work on with their children during the month at home before the next class.

Traditional Classes for Children

Children are led by a catechist using prayer, stories, scripture, songs, activities, community service, discussions, and age appropriate videos.  We focus on the love of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, understanding our Catholic faith, developing a prayer life, understanding the mass and gift of Jesus in the Eucharist, going to masses and liturgies,  confessing our sins and receiving God’s grace, and serving others as Jesus did.  Parents join us for two masses, two confession liturgies, and two prayer services and also support their child’s lessons with materials we send home from each class.

Contact Information and Office Hours

Kelly Martinez, Coordinator of Religious Education


Joanna Castro, Asst. Coordinator of Religious Education



Office Hours for May 2018:  Monday  1:30 to 5:00pm

Tuesday  9:00am to 4:00pm

Thursday 9:00am to 4:00pm

Friday       1:30 to 5:00pm

Saturday and Sunday by appointment

Sacramental Preparation

Children prepare for sacraments with their teacher in their religion classes at St. Michael School or with their catechist in their Religious Education classes.  This preparation of course involves consistent guidance and support by their parents, the first and primary educators of their child.  As we are one parish, children from the school and religious education program receive their sacraments together in our church.

First Reconciliation (Confession)

Children prepare to receive this sacrament in first and second grades with their catechist during class lessons and by support and guidance of parents at home.  Parents attend an informational meeting in the Fall.  Parents and child together attend a Preparation Session in January.  The sacrament is received in February.

First Eucharist (First Holy Communion)

Children prepare to receive this sacrament in first and second grades with their catechist during class lessons and by support and guidance of parents at home.  Parents attend an informational meeting in the Fall.  Parents and child together attend a 3 hour First Communion retreat, on a Saturday afternoon in March which includes 4 different experiences to help the children better and more fully understand receiving the Real Presence of Jesus in Communion and participating in a special mass.  Parents and child attend a First Communion practice the week of the sacrament to prepare for the First Communion Mass the first Saturday in May.


Young people prepare for this sacrament during two years of Religion/Religious Education Classes with a teacher/catechist and the support and guidance of their parents at home.  To be confirmed young people learn what it means to be a disciple of Christ, to serve as Jesus did using their gifts from God, and to follow the Holy Spirit on their lifelong journey as a soldier of Christ.  Typically a candidate for Confirmation is in 7th and 8th grades for this two year journey but can also be in 8th and 9th grades. Parents and child attend two preparation sessions together in each of the two years.  If you are in high school and want to prepare to receive the sacrament of Confirmation, please contact Kelly Martinez at 708-873-4633 or via email at


On line Registration is available by clicking the links below.  Your registration is complete only after all forms are complete and tuition payment is submitted.  We ask that families who are new to our Religious Education Program come into our office or call to register your child(ren). Verification of registration and session/classroom assignments will be e-mailed by the end of August. Requests for session/classroom changes will be honored until September 1st.

Space available is based on first come first served. 

Tuition Prices

  • One Child $265.00
  • Two Children $380.00
  • Three or more Children $500.00

Additional Fees

  • Eucharist/Reconciliation Fee $50.00
  •  Confirmation/Retreat Fee $75.00
  • Bible Fee (6th Grd ONLY) $25.00

Religious Education Tuition Policy

In the best interest of each child, we do not wish to exclude anyone from participation in the program. However, in order to maintain the quality of our program, each family must assume their fair share of the financial burden. Full payment is required at the time of registration. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact Lisa in the Business Office at (708) 873-4622 to make special arrangements.

Ongoing and Upcoming Events

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