Sacrament of Confirmation 2019

March 16, 2019

Our 2019 candidates were confirmed by Most Reverend Alberto Rojas, Auxiliary Bishop Archdiocese of Chicago.

Thank you to all parishioners for your prayers for our Confirmandi as they prepared to receive their sacrament. Please continue to pray for the now Confirmed that they will always keep their hearts and minds open to God, focus on and call on Him more and more throughout each day, go to Mass every weekend, and let His Holy Spirit work through them as they continue to follow Jesus and resist the devil.

As Bishop Rojas told them on March 16, “the devil wants your souls, but he won’t get them because you are strengthened by the Holy Spirit and each of you is a child of God! God loves each of you so much.” As you read this I hope you know that God loves each of you so much. Look in the mirror every day and say, “Jesus loves me. He died for me.” We should take our relationship with God seriously and personally because it absolutely is serious and personal!

It takes a community to plant the seeds, guide our youth, and trust in God to help them grow in their faith and relationship with Christ and to celebrate such a holy sacred Confirmation Mass as we did. Thank you more than words can say to the MANY who led by God gave their hearts and hands to the faith formation of our youth and to plan and create our beautiful Confirmation Mass.

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