Jubilation Ringers Anniversary 2019

October 2019

Jubilation Ringers Celebrate 30 Years of Ringing!!!

On October 8, 1989, under the direction of Bruce Glenny, a new ministry in our Music Department was born. The Jubilation Ringers, commonly known as the Handbell Choir, began ringing their way into hearts of Saint Michael Parish. Having rung at numerous occasions outside of the parish, like Comisky Park, Palos Country Club, Frankfort Methodist Church and others, they have also enhanced and added to our Masses at Saint Michael Church.

Two of our current members, Marilyn Bara and Kay Murray, are charter members and have been along for the ride the entire 30 years!!!! What commitment from these two amazing ladies. If you know them, please congratulate them and thank them for their service.

We want to thank all of the members for their ongoing commitment and service and ministry.

Nicole Germino
Marie Montorosso
Lynn Miller
Teri Blazek
Zibby Diver
Kay Murray
Ronnie Gaber
Diane Germino
Marilyn Bara
Pat Depcik

Congratulations Jubilation Ringers!!!

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