Parish Lenten Mission 2020

March 2, 3 and 4, 2020

St. Michael Parish held a 3 Day Lenten Mission:  ‘Journey to Joy’ with Frank Runyeon.

There was also a special session for our Religious Education Students on March 3, 2020.

MONDAY, MARCH 2, 2020 – LUKE: STORIES ON THE ROAD – The stories that Jesus himself told as he journeyed to Jerusalem, dramatized with theatrical lighting and fun characterizations, pointing us to where the real joy in life is to be found…

TUESDAY, MARCH 3, 2020 – SERMON ON THE MOUNT – Matthew proclaimed the joy of the Beatitudes to his house-church in Antioch, a community filled with characters whose stories echo our own… A night of humor and new insights…

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4, 2020 –  HOLLYWOOD VS. FAITH – Frank concluded with an honest and very funny look at “The Three Other Beatitudes” of the media, encouraging us to see the bends in the funhouse mirror, laugh, and journey on… to a life of true joy.

Emmy-Nominated Frank Runyeon has starred in over 1,000 TV shows in the last 30 years… opposite Meg Ryan on As The World Turns, on Santa Barbara, Falcon Crest, General Hospital, LA Law and Melrose Place. Frank is Catholic, an honors graduate of Seminary and Princeton University.

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