Preparing for Confirmation 2020

Events in October 2019

We are preparing to receive God’s Grace in the Sacrament of Confirmation

At our Spirit-filled Holy Fire Confirmation Retreat, Joe Melendrez shared that he met Jesus and gave his life to him at age 15. He performed for us his awesome songs of praise “God’s Calling” and “Freedom” to remind us that we are chosen and to listen and respond to God’s call for us.

We shouted and sang with the band ‘EPIC’ from Florida that “I’m Not Alone”! God is always with us every second! Fr. Rob from Melbourne, Australia shared his powerful witness of doing many really wrong things to impress the wrong people and then had a “Breakthrough”. This was all through the Love of God – the overwhelming, never ending, reckless love of God.

Brian Greenfield captured our attention with his passion and love for Christ. The Holy Spirit was evidently working through him as he shared his witness. He “got in our face” to remind us that we need to stay strong and focused on God. It’s a battle for us each day because the devil is always trying to distract us, through our phones, social media, movies, videos, the internet, and so much more. God will help us fight the daily battle against the evil one.

Thank you so much St. Michael Parish for celebrating our Rite of Enrollment with us on Sunday, October 27, 2019. As we continue our preparation to receive this Sacrament we need and appreciate your prayers as we focus more on God, spending time each day with Him in prayer, and making sure we come to Holy Mass each week. As we work on staying strong in our Faith, Satan is trying to get us away from God through many people and much distraction.

Good and Gracious God, Thank You for our Confirmandi, whom you have led to this community of faith and who are a special blessing to all of us at St. Michael. Guide and strengthen them as they prepare to receive this Sacrament of Initiation. May they know what is worth knowing, love what is worth loving, praise what delights You most, value what is precious in Your sight, and above all, search out and do what pleases You. Continue to transform their lives and help them to respond to Your call every day. May I be a good example to them, and to all preparing to receive your sacraments. As we remember our own baptismal promises, help us to teach who Christ is through our words and actions. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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