RE Rosary Prayer Services 2018

October 2018

From the Cross our suffering Savior tenderly places each of us personally into the hands of His mother. Mary’s greatest desire is to bring all of us into the merciful Heart of Jesus. The best way to connect hear to heart with Jesus is through His Mother, our Blessed Mother. We need to pray the rosary.

Our Religious Education students, parents, and other family members gathered for 4 different rosary prayer services during October. At the start of each service we sang “Immaculate Mary” as the Blessed Mother was gently and carefully brought into our church and placed before us by the altar. Deacon Abel, Deacon Colin, Deacon Tony, or Father Frank then shared with us a story of the power of praying the rosary. They prayed over us and blessed all rosaries. Fr. Frank’s suggestion to keep a rosary in our pocket at all times is a great way to help us think of our Blessed Mother and to remember to pray for others and help those in need. Our weapons against evil were now blessed, and our prayer began. Following the lead of a lovely prayer team we experienced praying the rosary with eloquent prayerful songs and with visuals of the mysteries. As each Hail Mary was prayed, a student placed a rose at the feet of our Blessed Mother.

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