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Couples entering into Catholic Marriage are required to attend a marriage preparation class and to complete the FOCCUS premarital inventory. Facilitator training involves several sessions to learn the theology of the sacrament of Marriage, facilitation skills and how to discuss issues that affect married couples. Facilitators must be Practicing Catholic couples, married at least five years themselves, who wish to help engaged couples form the basis for a long and happy Christian marriage.

St. Michael Parish provides marriage prep classes to engaged couples four times a year, twice on a Saturday morning and twice on a Tuesday evening. Marriage Prep facilitator couples are trained in the use of the Archdiocesan marriage prep program and shadow an active facilitator couple.

The FOCCUS premarital inventory is taken online by engaged couples. FOCCUS facilitator couples receive online training from FOCCUS and shadow an active FOCCUS facilitator couple before beginning this ministry. They learn how to interpret the FOCCUS report and go over it with the engaged couple one on one.

For more information about this ministry or to become a facilitator, contact Pat Chuchla in the Worship Office, or call at 708-873-4652.

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