Parish Mission

At Our Lady of the Woods

A Call to Reality Living

In recent years, a new genre of entertainment programming has developed: “reality TV”. Many of these shows are filled with drama, and some even create drama. But we know that not all of these shows are close to our reality. Using themes from these programs, we’ll take a look at enlivening our Catholic faith in today’s world.

In this mission at Our Lady of the Woods Parish, Mike Patin helps people laugh, think and choose to re-examine life through the lens of the CALL to see our reality though the eves of a practical, vibrant everyday faith.

  • February 25 at 7 PM – Night One“Amazing Race” (Called to and Make Room for PRAYER) – The busy pace of life can feel like an Amazing Race. Where is God in the stress and busyness? Can we shift from an Amazing Race to Amazing Grace?
  • February 26 at 7 PM – Night Two“Extreme Makeover” (Called to and Make Room for FRIENDS AND FAMILY) – It would be nice to get a “do-over”, a re-making of our homes, like the TV show, Extreme Makeover. Can we re-model the way we see the people closest to us: family, friends and others?
  • February 27 at 7 PM – Night Three “The Apprentice” (Called to and Make Room for SERVICE) – An apprentice is a student, a disciple, called to learn the work and task of a master. What does it mean for us to be ordinary apprentice of Jesus today, no matter or age, training or life situation?

Mike Patin is a lifelong native of Louisiana, currently living in his hometown of Lafayette, LA. He received a BA degree from St. Joseph Seminary College in Louisiana and Masters of Pastoral Studies degree from Loyola University of the South in New Orleans. He also received a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Pastoral Life and Administration from Loyola. Mike’s ministry career extends over 30 years. He spent six years as a Catholic high school teacher, coach and campus minister and worked thirteen years in a diocesan youth ministry office. Since 2003, Mike has been speaking full-time, giving presentations to all ages on a wide variety of issues, primarily focused on living our Catholic faith in today’s world. He has spoken in over 140 dioceses in the U.S. and Canada and been blessed to lead close to 100 parish missions.


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