Prayer for Migrants

Office for Immigration

A Prayer for Migrants By Jane Deren

Mary knew the weariness
Of the journey;
To Bethlehem,
To Egypt,
Back to Nazareth.
She knew the weariness,
The fear, the longing for home,
The need to continue moving, moving,
The longing for journey’s end, the longing for at least a semblance of a home.

To Mary we entrust
The mothers, the fathers, the children who today are holy families
Migrating in hope, in fear, in longing, for peace, for some security,
For something like a home.
May they find their journey’s end as we open ourselves to their stories, their need, their spirits;

We ask for mercy for all migrants and for our communities who are challenged to welcome them, to give them hope for a new life.



As we look to the Feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist, God has chosen us, too, to be a light to the nations, and so we pray…

For the Catholic Church as she strives to be a prophetic light to our nation and to all nations…
For the strength and courage to learn and act upon our Church’s social teachings and support humane treatment of migrants and all people…

We pray to the Lord: R: Lord Hear our Prayer

For migrant children separated from their parents at the border. For a speedy reunion with their families.
For legislators… For the wisdom and courage to enact compassionate and comprehensive immigration reform.

We pray to the Lord: R: Lord Hear our Prayer

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