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Apologetics… What is that?

Can you explain what you know about the Catholic faith to someone else. This is apologetics – you have the faith. Jesus told us to go and spread it to other people. When someone mentions the word apologist, the image that probably comes to mind is someone speaking at a parish seminar, autographing books at a large conference, or answering questions on the radio.

To be an apologist, though, all you really need is a desire to share your Faith and clear up misconceptions about it. But to do that you first have to know your Faith and clear up any misconceptions you yourself have about it. It takes reading and study. But, no matter how intensively you study, at some point you’ll be faced with a question you can’t answer. Don’t try to fake it! Admit you don’t know the answer, then tell your questioner that you’ll look up the answer and will get back to him or her. Nothing will impress your questioner more than your going out of your way for him or her – and your admitting that you don’t know everything. Are you willing to take one night a month out of your busy life to learn a little more about the Catholic faith so you can pass it on. St. Michael’s Apologetics society can help. We meet once a month. There is a video presentation on a topic and guided discussion. Our upcoming schedule is as follows.

Meeting Schedule 2018

  • Thursday, October 4 from 7 to 9 PM – Ministry Rooms
    Topic – A Biblical Tour of the Mass
    Our last Apologetics session explained why preaching alone in worship is not enough. The Evangelization Group (on Wednesdays) has been presenting and explaining the Spirituality of the Mass. As we conclude these sessions, the Apologetics group will go deeper into the Scriptures and give reasons on why we do and follow the ritual “exercise” during the Mass. We shall also dig deeper into the inner meanings of the liturgical prayers said during the Mass. Let us learn more about it so that we can better explain why the Mass is the “Bible in Action”.
  • Thursday, November 29
    The “Solas” – Sola Fide (Faith Alone) / Sola Scriptura (Bible Alone)
    7–9 PM in the Ministry Room
  • Thursday, December 13
    The Catholic Dogma on the Immaculate Conception
    7–9 PM in the Ministry Room (East Only)


See our website www.stmichaelapologetics.org or contact us at info@stmichaelapologetics.org.

Everyone is welcome!

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