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Hey Kids! Bulletin Article on January 26

HEY, KIDS! – Playing with toys can be a lot of fun. Before you start to play, you need to gather up all that you will need. If you want to play with cars, you gather up all the cars that you want to play with and find a nice spot to lay everything out. If you want to play with dolls, you gather up all of your dolls, carriages and cribs before you start to play as well. When we start to gather up our toys, we begin to set up for our play time and the fun begins!

In today’s Gospel (Matthew) we hear how Jesus started out his ministry to speak the Word of God. In order for Jesus to be successful, he knew that he needed to gather up people to help him out. We read that Jesus saw men fishing and told them to go with him and he would make them fishers of men. When Jesus said he wanted to make them “fishers of men”, he meant that he wanted them to teach other people about God. He wanted these men to tell people about Jesus and get more people to follow Him. The men left what they were doing to follow Jesus.

We know that Jesus wanted to teach us about our Father in heaven. He wanted us to have peace within us. He knew that in order to have peace, we needed to have a relationship with God. Jesus needed to gather his men together to teach them what he knew about God. Once he gathered His men, he would be able to teach them what he knew about God. Then, they would be able to continue Jesus’ ministry by sharing what they learned from Jesus with other people. However, what is interesting about the men Jesus gathered was that they were ordinary men.

Ordinary means normal. Most people are ordinary – and this is completely okay because we are still very important to the people who love us; especially God. These were not men with a lot of money or power. They were fishermen and lived very simple lives. When we think of ordinary, it can be hard to imagine that ordinary can become amazing. Most people begin life being ordinary and change into amazing people – it’s rare that anyone is ever born amazing. We know that these ordinary men who left their fishing to follow Jesus turned into GREAT disciples and followers of Jesus. These ordinary men went on to do the work of God. This means we can do the same thing.

We learn so many things about Jesus and each time we tell people about our love for Jesus, we are also spreading the Word of God. If you feel that your faith is ordinary and not really great – it is up to you to make it amazing! You can sign up to be a child lector, altar server or sing in the choir. Sharing your love for Jesus is a great way to live an amazing life with Jesus. You too can be a fisher of men!

Let’s pray: Jesus, even though I am young, I am still learning so much about you. I pray that I grow up to have an amazing relationship with YOU! Amen

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