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Hey, Kids! - Bulletin Articles

Weekly Kids' Reflection posted in our Parish Bulletin

Hey Kids! Bulletin Article on January 13

HEY KIDS! – Right now – all the talk in the sports world is football. Who will make it to the Superbowl and where will we watch it? If we are fans, we may run out to get the jersey to show our pride. We may even buy a few extra flags or shirts for our friends and family so they can join in on the fun! When the game is on, we cheer out loud when they score. If they lose, we will still watch the following week because we are loyal fans. We may even host a party so that we can be with our friends during a game. In fact, our excitement might even get someone that isn’t interested in football to start to pay attention to the game a bit more! It’s kind of silly to compare our love for this sport to John the Baptist… but let’s try and compare for the fun of it. John was so filled with love and excitement for Jesus that he wanted everyone to be a part of the same feeling. He invited people to hear him speak of Jesus. He baptized people in Jesus’s name with pure love and joy. He spoke of Jesus with such pride, it made people want to get baptized as well. It made people want to ACT like Jesus. Just like our loyalty to our favorite sports team can be pretty fun and exciting – our love for Jesus can reach this same level and kind of does! We, Catholics, fill churches every week. We wear crosses to show our pride in our faith. We get baptized in his name to be a part of a community. We praise him in good times and in bad. However, with Jesus – there is no off-season. He is always with us. His flame is always burning in us and HE is our biggest FAN!

Hey Kids! Bulletin Article on January 30


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