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Weekly Kids' Reflection posted in our Parish Bulletin

Hey Kids! Bulletin Article on March 24

HEY, KIDS! – Imagine planting a rose seed. Each day you water it. You put it in a nice bright window and make sure you take good care of it. Your reward will be a beautiful plant filled with roses. It would be pretty disappointing if all that time and effort that you put into this plant didn’t give you any roses. You would feel like your time and effort was wasted, wouldn’t you? We have been hearing a lot about trees not producing any fruit these past few weeks. Jesus loved to speak in parables – a way of explaining things so people could understand. What He was trying to say was we can do everything to be good people, but if we do not truly believe in God our time here is wasted. Jesus wants us to live our lives with HIM. If we do not live our lives with Jesus and if we do not live our lives as Jesus wants us to, we are wasting our faith. Your parents and caregivers bring you to church, they sign you up for religion classes, they pray with you each day and so much more. They are doing all that they can to plant the seed of FAITH in you! They want you to grow with Jesus so that you can continue to spread the word of LOVE to one another. Please take this tremendous gift that your parents give you and use it to bless all those around you. Imagine a world without love. Wouldn’t be sad? Remember to plant the seeds of love and faith to all those you cross paths with. Whenever you see hate or sadness… fill the space up with love and happiness by praying with Jesus. Pray this: Dear God, I ask that you help me remember all that my loved ones have taught me about you. Help me to always plant seeds of kindness.

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