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Hey Kids! Bulletin Article on September 23

HEY KIDS! – God is pleased when we choose to serve others. As an added benefit, it feels good to serve others because we are being blessed, in return, by God! Think about the times that you have waited to enter a room because you are busy holding a door for other people. Or the times you’ve assisted your teacher in handing out stickers, homework or other things – you typically are the last to receive what is being handed out. As Christians, we are taught that putting other people’s needs before our own is a way to show Jesus’s presence in us. Even though we may be last in line, last to eat, last to walk through a door – we feel good that we are helping others. Look around your church. There are many people that are volunteer servers. Altar servers, scripture readers, catechists, cantors and Eucharistic ministers are just a few of the ministries that do not get paid to do God’s work. These volunteers do it for their LOVE for God and to serve others within their community. Are there any ministries you would be interested in? How would you like to help serve your community and be a reflection of Jesus?

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