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SCOUT SUNDAY MASS – Join Us for Boy Scout Sunday on February 2 at 12 Noon Mass – Let’s Pray: Dear Heavenly Father, Help to keep my honor bright and teach me that integrity of character is my most priceless possession. Grant that I may do my best today, and strive to do even better tomorrow. Teach me that duty is a friend and not an enemy, And help me face even the most disagreeable task cheerfully. Give me the faith to understand my purpose in life. Open my mind to the truth and fill my heart with love. Help me to do my duty to my country and know that a good nation must be formed by good citizens. Help me to remember my obligation to obey the Scout Law, and understand that it is more than mere words. May I never tire of the joy of helping other people. Make me wise enough to keep morally and physically fit, that I might serve better. You are the source of all wisdom. Help me to have an alert mind, Teach me to think, and help me to learn discipline. In all that I do and in every challenge I face, help me to know the difference between right and wrong, and lead me in obedience on a straight path to a worthy goal, eternal life with you. Amen.

Cub Scouts

Cub Scouting at St. Mike’s is for parish boys in first through fifth grade. Cub Scouts provides a safe and comfortable environment where the boys have fun, make friends, develop character, learn and grow. Much of the fun happens right in the Den meetings (including just your son’s grade) and Pack meetings (including all cub scouts 1st – 5th grade and their families).

Boys can join at any time without needing to “catch up”. Scouting teaches a boy respect for God, his country, his home, and for other people. The ideals and activities of the Cub Scout contribute to the fullest appreciation of American citizenship. Scouting strengthens the ability to get along with other boys and respect other people.

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In addition to one monthly den meeting, cub scouts get involved at these 2019-2020 events:

  • Popcorn Sale – September and October 2019
  • Halloween Party – Friday, October 18 at 6:45 PM at Orland Junior High (East Entrance)
  • Rain Gutter Regatta – Friday, November 8 at 6:45 PM at Orland Junior High
  • December Pack Meeting – Friday, December 6 at 6:45 PM at Orland Junior High
  • Pinewood Car Check-in – Wednesday, January 15 at 6:40 PM at St. Mike’s Commons
  • Pinewood Derby – Friday, January 17 6 PM at Orland Park Civic Center
  • Scout Sunday – Sunday, February 2 at 11:30 AM at St. Michael Church
  • Blue and Gold Banquet – Sunday, February 23 at 10 AM at St. Mike’s Multipurpose Room
  • Rocket Launch – Sunday, April 26 at 12:30 PM at Camp Palos – North Shelter
  • Fishing Derby & Bike Ride – Sunday, May 17 at 8 AM at Centennial Park​
  • Camp Betz Family Weekend – July 2020
  • Mom & Son Camping – August 2020

Please contact Matt Highfill at 708-220-2092 or if you are interested.

Boy Scouts

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Ongoing and Upcoming Events