Youth Ministry

Formation program for High School students. Small groups of about 15 students meet with adult leader couples in their homes to discuss their life issues. Meetings are twice a month from October to April.

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the latest QUEST Families Christmas in December 2019.

What is QUEST?

QUEST is a gathering together of high school teens in Leader Couples homes on Sunday evenings twice a month. QUEST is not structured classes, but it is an informal discussion group of teens who are in the same grade and belong to the same parish. There is no homework, no sermons. A typical evening would last two hours and consist of discussing a contemporary topic, allowing teens to give their views, all with a Christian over-view. Social time is included.

Who is QUEST for?

Sometimes parents and teens are mistaken that because the teen attends a Catholic high school they don’t need QUEST. WRONG! Quest is a group getting together talking about their life issues in a relaxed atmosphere with friends and their QUEST parents. Freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors from public and Catholic schools need QUEST. Teens will be placed in groups by their year in high school and with a friend, if they request.

QUEST Council

Each QUEST group sends representatives to QUEST Council which is the leadership group for the Quest Program responsible for planning and carrying out a variety of teen activities such as Masses, tournaments, and service projects.


Call Rose Koch, Youth Minister at 708-873-4650 or email

Ongoing and Upcoming Events