Need Offsite Help Groups?

Offsite Assistance and Support

If you have difficulty contacting any of these places,
please call a member of 
St. Michael Pastoral Staff who would be happy to talk with you confidentially!

For Help with Problems arising from Physical or Sexual Abuse or Neglect

Do you know a child who has experienced physical or sexual abuse or neglect?
Are you an adult who as a child experienced physical or sexual abuse or neglect?
As a result, are you struggling to find ways to cope?

We can help!
We’re Here to Inspire Hope!

The ICJIA Inspiring Hope Program through Catholic Charities offers FREE counseling services and case management services to children and adults.

The Inspiring Hope Program is centrally located at the Tolton Peace Center with availability to meet throughout Chicago and Cook County.

Call (773) 922-7219
English and en Español

Inspiring Hope Program
Tolton Peace Center
5645 W. Lake St.
Chicago, IL 60644

Upcoming Caregiver Support Group Event

St. Damian Pastoral Center
5250 W. 155th Street in Oak Forest, IL

Do any of these thoughts cross your mind?

  • I love my (husband, wife, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, etc.) but I’m tired/exhausted.
  • I struggle with feeling overwhelmed.
  • I feel guilty because I want to run away from it all.
  • God help me, but I resent having to take on this burden.
  • When is it going to end?
  • I can’t share these feelings with anyone because I am ashamed of feeling this way.
  • I hate having to put on a brave face.
  • I feel like a hypocrite.
  • I am surrounded by people, but I feel so alone.
  • I can’t talk to God because I think He’s mad at me.
  • I feel ___ (fill in the blank).

If you feel like any one of the above, or a few or ALL of the above, please join us on Tuesday, November 13 at 6:30 PM in the Pastoral Center.

Let’s talk… we know… we care… and, boy, can relate.
RSVP at 708-342-8529 or

For Help with Problems arising from Alcohol

  • Alcoholics Anonymous at 708-389-1380 / Alcohólicos Anónimos at 773-847-4843
  • Go to for meeting locations
  • AA Meetings at St. Julie Billiart Church located at 7399 W. 159th Street in Tinley Park, IL / 708-429-6767
    Meetings in the Devine Center behind the Church / Saturday at 7:30 PM and Monday at 8 PM

For Help with Problems arising from Drug Abuse

  • Narcotics Anonymous at 708-848-4884 /Divorcios Y Mas Allá at 708-668-5623 – CTC – Irma Almanza

Gambling Problems Gamblers Anonymous 

Struggling with Mental Health Issues

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) / Information Helpline at 1-800-950-6264 / Emotions Anonymous at 708-383-0200
  • Mental Health Awareness Support Group at St. Damian Parish – Meetings are held the third Thursday of every month from 7 to 8:30 PM in the St. Damian Pastoral Center located at 5250 W. 155th Street in Oak Forest, IL. For more information call the Pastoral Center at 708-687-1370, Tony Mazurowski at 708-951-3232 or Maria Connolly at 708-284-6511.

Orland Park Substance Abuse Forum

Masses for the Deaf

  • Our Lady of the Woods Church on Saturday at 5 PM
  • St. Julie Billiart Church on Sunday at 4 PM – Twice a month in the Sacred Heart Chapel

HOPE Employment Ministry

Grief Support

  • Sister Marietta at 708-873-4635

A Communion Visitor to the Homebound / Sick

  • Sister Marietta at 708-873-4635

Annulment Information

  • Donna McDonough at 708-349-0903

Guidance in satisfying excessive and/or past due Utility Bills and Emergency Food Assistance

  • St. Vincent de Paul Society at 708-873-4669
  • San Vicente de Paúl en Español at 708-349-0903

Marital Difficulties

  • Retrouvaille at 1-800-470-2230 / Catholic based support for Couples in Marital Difficulties –

Holbrook Counseling Center of Catholic Charities (Our Lady of the Woods & St. Stephen)

  • Michele Nowak at 708-586-1365 or 312-655-7725 / Specialty Family and Grief Counseling

Dealing with Physical, Emotional and Verbal abuse

  • The Crisis Center at 708-429-7233 for Group Support and/or Free One-On-One Counseling – Se Habla Español
  • Dr. Eileen Fera at / Catholic Psychologist in Downers Grove
  • Jerry T. Souta at 708-681-2325 ext 5333 – / Licensed Behavioral Clinician
  • Fr. Bob Rohrich at 630-257-9235 / MA Clinical Counseling in Lemont
  • Dr. Jeff Dire at 630-674-4295 / Psychologist in Downers Grove
  • Dr. Larry Gorski at 815-730-3744 / Psychologist in Lemont – Archdiocese of Chicago Priest
  • Sr. Jude More, LCSW, DCSW, R.N. at 708-974-3336 ext 333
  • Dr. Paula Jarvis at 630-582-9000 / Family & Women’s Issues in Downers Grove
  • Fr. Kurt Boras at 630-257-4640 / Clinical Counseling in Lemont
  • Dr. Greg Rodriquez at 708-845-5500 ext 149 / Chicagoland Christian Counseling

Ongoing and Upcoming Events